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Look Better and Elevated from others
Make them more entertaining
Host your Pictures to save fees
Make your Pictures communicate well
Improve ending prices
Post to eBay Automatically
All these in much less time compare to anything
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Taken in one shot by 360° Panoramic Lens
VR - Panoramic Viewer is just one of many Selling Presentation styles available here at Pictures Hub!

Member Testimonials (used with permissions)
"I really, really like this program. I will be recommending it to family members who also sell on ebay. I hope that more people become familiar with this service and begin to use it. It truly is awesome and easy. Thank you for sharing this with the ebay community." - Maryjane Santiso, CT
"This is awesome. It's so easy to use. My auctions grab more attention at a glimps." - Mark Bitting, NJ
"I'm getting more bids and my auctions are taken more seriously than before I started using your templates. Thank you very much !" - Ed Wolfe, PA
"I was referred by a family member and wish that I had found you sooner. I have just started listing with you today and it is so easy to use and to make my auctions look good. " - Anna Del Mundo, FL
"I just want you to know what an impact your templates have made. I'm seeing a dramatic increase in sales as well as higher ending prices on my auctions utilizing your effective layouts over my other listings that don't. It's simply marvelous - thank you!" - Demi Schaeffer, CA
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 SONY Digital8 Handycam DCR-TRV250 Camcorder *TBC
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 SONY MiniDV Handycam DCR-TRV19 Camcorder *CUTE
 SONY Hi-8 Handycam CCD-TRV93 XR Camcorder
 SONY Hi-8 Handycam CCD-TRV85 Unmodified RARE Camcorder
 SONY Hi-8 Handycam CCD-TRV75 RARE Camcorder *Unmodified
 SONY DVD Handycam DCR-DVD105 Camcorder *2.5in LCD
 Sony Hi8 / 8mm EV-C200 Stereo HiFi VCR Video8
 SONY Digital 8 Handycam DCR-TRV120 Camcorder
 SONY Hi-8 Handycam CCD-TR940 UNMODIFIED RARE Camcorder
 SONY Hi8 Stereo Handycam EVO-150TR Camcorder
 Sony Hi8 / 8mm EV-C200 Stereo HiFi VCR Video8
 Sony FDL-X40 LCD Color Professional Video Monitor
 SONY Hi8 Handycam CCD-TRV118 Camcorder *2.5 in LCD
 Sony EV-C40 8mm VCR Editing Player

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