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About Us

Pictures Hub... is a family business started by Manny Lalo. He started trading on eBay back in 1999. Buying and selling computer parts, electronics and many other items.

As time went by from being an occasional seller, it became his livelyhood. In 3 months he became an eBay Power Seller. He realized a need to develop templates in search of a more effective and colorful way to communicate the items he sells to the eBayers. It normally takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes to make up one templated item and deals with HTML and Javascript programming for every posting he list on eBay even after he already developed quite a number of templates in his collection which took many hours and days each to make.

He never thought the process is efficient nor acceptable to sustain for any average seller, let alone - learn a programming language just to make a decent online presentation.

Regardless, he became even more motivated when many online sellers where impressed on his templated listings - from some who took his pictures and used them on their own listings without permission, to others who honestly inquired if such service is available for them to subscribe and use.

He saw an opportunity - a need to find a way to serve other sellers and make it convinient for everyone who wants a new level of presentation with ease and efficiency. With his background in computer integration and software development he started as he trades on eBay. This tool is now available online for anyone, evolving as more ways becomes evident to make easier, efficient and more profitable for its members to grow their business.